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Shanghai Golden Star Zipper Co., Ltd (SGS) was called Shanghai Golden Star Zipper Mill, established since 1984, is one of the earliest zipper manufacturers who import equipment and production skills in China. SGS owns complete production equipment and process. SGS keeps a sharp eye on R&D and always try to improve her own products base on requirements of market all the way over 30 years. SGS has her own weaving, dying department for zipper tapes; die casting molding, designing and surface treatment department for sliders and various finishing process machine to meet all kinds of customer requirement, SGS design for customer, care for customer, rush for customer, always try her best to meet customer requirement and delivery. SGS believes sourcing control, all raw material is strictly controlled and properly recorded for tracing back especially chemical products in all dyeing and cleaning process. SGS was certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II since year 2005. In year 2012, SGS upgraded Oeko-Tex Standard 100 cert into Class I at the same time SGS product is also certificated with Intertek SVHC chemical requirement. Since year 2009, SGS ERP system is online, compare to other company, SGS ERP system was founded and designed according to her own requirement, 100% ensure all process is controlled and traceable.

SGS’s customer is now covering America, Europe, South East Asia, Korea and Japan. SGS is also established business with various Branded customer, recognized and accept with them.

Life long improving is the belief of SGS. SGS is also keeping a sharp eye on energy conservation and emission reduction to make our world a better world. Hope SGS could serve you as your best partner.
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