Special Zipper
Special Zipper

SGS owns full set production supply chain, SGS owns tape weaving,

coil teeth shapping, mould creation, dyeing, delrin teeth planting, metal teeth planting, painting,

tpu coating, etc full sets of automatic workshop.

SGS is able to creat new design with the overlook at bulk production to achieve a fast peed bulk fashion supply target.

Metal zipper is the oldest zipper and it is made by shaped element (teeth) made by metal (such as brass or aluminum) mesh with polyester tape.
Nylon (Coil) zipper is manufactured with polyester tape sewing with shaped polyester monofilament to function as teeth. It is light in weight, short in manufacturing lead time. It is the most common zipper in the world.
Delrin zipper is a zipper made with polyester tape with molded POM elements, it is light in weight, could be colored with tape, higher strength compare to nylon zipper, and it is mostly used in sportswear, children's wear and young girls wear.
Slider is a moving part that opens or closes the zip fastener by separating or engaging the elements, it is casted by zinc alloy assemble with iron or brass hock, spring, etc depends on different type.
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